Paper Owls

Printable paper owls tutorial


I spent a lot of time experimenting and dreaming up different ways for me to make art last summer. One of the things I really enjoyed was making 3 dimensional pieces out of paper. Because of all the experimenting I ended up doing a lot of drawings that didn’t become finished pieces. Theses little owls were some of the bits that I really loved, but didn’t know what to do with. I figured rather than let them go unloved, I’d make a printable paper craft out of them and share it with you.

Things you’ll need

  • Paper Owls PDF printed on card stock or heavy paper
  • Scissors or a paper cutting knife
  • Glue or tape


Lets get started!

1. Carefully cut out your owls and the three rectangular stands, make sure you don’t cut off the feet tab at the bottom of the legs, your owls will need these to stand on! If you’re using a knife to cut them out you can cut out the bit of paper between the legs and bottom tab, if using scissors, you can leave it to make for easier cutting. Fold back the feet tab and the tabs on each of the stands to look like this:

Cut out and folded

2. Place a dab of glue or tape in the middle back of the feet tab and attach the stand tab to look like the picture below. I used some lovely green painter’s tape so it would be easy to see…and I’m kinda all out of glue at the moment!

Glue or tape
Glue or tape the stand to the feeties

3. Place the bottom of the stand on a flat surface so you make a nice angle with the paper, this will help your owl stand up straight. Put a dab of glue or tape on the body tab, fold it up and press it against the body to make a triangle shape like the one pictured below. Attach each stand to one of your owls.

Attach the other end of the stand
Attach the other end of the stand

And there you have it! Now that they’re done you can display them on your desk or shelf, or take them on adventures. We’re having a rainy ol’ day here in St. John’s so my little owls will be staying inside today.

All done! paper6

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