What I Wore: Super Cool Loungewear

whatiwore5we’ve been having a pretty warm winter this year, but there have been a few days where its been little bit too cold in the house. On those days I like to snuggle up in something cozy, drink tea, and forget about what’s going on outside. This is where the kigurumi comes in. These oversized Japanese onesies made to look like animals and cartoon characters, are made of soft fleece and are prefect for chilling out at home or wearing as a costume. The bagginess means you can easily fit some warm layers or outerwear underneath if you plan on wearing it out in the cold. I got mine in a size small and as you can see from the pictures, there is plenty of room.  I could probably even wear my big winter coat under it if I needed to. The only downside is I find there’s a very big space between the buttons, which can either let the cold air in or expose your parts, so keep that in mind if you plan to wear it on its own.

whati51I have to admit, I usually don’t put much effort into looking nice if I know I’m not going to be leaving the house. I’ve heard its good for the self esteem to get up, shower, and get dressed even if you don’t have anywhere to go, but I’m usually working on something messy and regular clothing isn’t an option. I tend to take my time in the morning, I shower when I feel like it, and then either pull on some clean pajamas or yoga pants and a tshirt. I like that I have another option, although I’d probably feel a little silly answering the door dressed as an owl.

whati52I’ve wanted to buy a kigurumi ever since I saw them in Winners around Halloween a few years ago. Of course, being a student at the time, I couldn’t justify spending $80 on one. Thankfully I happened to see them on sale at Boathouse for $15 so I could finally take one home. So far I’ve worn it when I’ve been feeling sick or on snow days. Will bought one as well (the bat) and we’re thinking we might just bring them along on our next road trip so we have something cozy to wear in the hotel. We’re very good at adulting.


Ive been having a hard time getting back into writing after taking a break from it for so long. I find myself constantly going over everything to make sure it sounds ok and checking my grammar. I think taking english classes in university really put me off. Hopefully I’ll get better with practice and stop overthinking. I’m also getting used to editing a lot of photos again. I normally edit my photos on my computer, but for this post I thought I’d try something new. I used A Beautiful Mess‘s A Color Story to adjust the colors of these photos and make them pop a bit more. It did save me a lot of time, which was nice. I haven’t purchased any of the filters yet, just using the free version until I decide if I like it or not, but I’m leaning very much towards like!