Its hard to form any kind of routine when you’re always in the process of relocating from one place to another. Habits, both good and bad are formed and after a year or so you get used to a kind of normal that would seem intolerable to others. While I’ve managed to get used to living in two drastically different places, sometimes the stress of it all starts wearing me down. Right now we’re in the process of waiting to see where the next move will be and as much as I love St. John’s I can’t wait to start a new adventure, especially one that involves staying put for a couple of years.

Back to the whole stress bit, lately I’ve been feeling super tired and irritable. I haven’t been eating or sleeping properly, my creativity seems to have disappeared, and all I want to do is camp out on the couch under a blanket while marathoning Parks and Recreation. In an effort to focus on the positive and be less distracted, I decided to get off Facebook and Instagram, at least for a little while. I wanted to start this blog up again so I could have a space to write my thoughts, reflect, and share the best aspects of my life.

One thing I’m doing to help get myself get back on track is changing my diet up a bit.

Will and the little bread bear

I definitely overindulged in sweeties over the holidays and now my body is getting the slow sluggish feeling that comes from depriving it of healthy foods. Thankfully Will and I enjoy cooking so a goal for this year is to try some new recipes that will make our bellies happy and healthy.

I had the craving for something sweet today so I decided to make some cookie dough bites. These are great because they’re quick to throw together, don’t require an oven, and you get protein, vitamins, and minerals. Awesome.


The recipe can be found here. I used blackcurrant flavoured maple syrup instead of regular, which brings an exciting flavour to the cookie party. I also used cocoa nibs instead of chocolate chips because I like their crunchiness and they have a nice chocolaty taste without being sweet.


I’ve found that sometimes the dough turns out sort of sticky, which makes it hard to form it into balls. Greasing your hands up with some coconut oil solves that problem.


I hope to have some more recipe tests, travel tales, and pictures of projects I’m working on up here in the future. We’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping that leaving facebook will drive me to be more creative and go outside more.


Paper Owls

I spent a lot of time experimenting and dreaming up different ways for me to make art last summer. One of the things I really enjoyed was making 3 dimensional pieces out of paper. Because of all the experimenting I ended up doing a lot of drawings that didn’t become finished pieces. Theses little owls were some of the bits that I really loved, but didn’t know what to do with. I figured rather than let them go unloved, I’d make a printable paper craft out of them and share it with you.

Things you’ll need

  • Paper Owls PDF printed on card stock or heavy paper
  • Scissors or a paper cutting knife
  • Glue or tape


Lets get started!

1. Carefully cut out your owls and the three rectangular stands, make sure you don’t cut off the feet tab at the bottom of the legs, your owls will need these to stand on! If you’re using a knife to cut them out you can cut out the bit of paper between the legs and bottom tab, if using scissors, you can leave it to make for easier cutting. Fold back the feet tab and the tabs on each of the stands to look like this:

Cut out and folded

2. Place a dab of glue or tape in the middle back of the feet tab and attach the stand tab to look like the picture below. I used some lovely green painter’s tape so it would be easy to see…and I’m kinda all out of glue at the moment!

Glue or tape
Glue or tape the stand to the feeties

3. Place the bottom of the stand on a flat surface so you make a nice angle with the paper, this will help your owl stand up straight. Put a dab of glue or tape on the body tab, fold it up and press it against the body to make a triangle shape like the one pictured below. Attach each stand to one of your owls.

Attach the other end of the stand
Attach the other end of the stand

And there you have it! Now that they’re done you can display them on your desk or shelf, or take them on adventures. We’re having a rainy ol’ day here in St. John’s so my little owls will be staying inside today.

All done! paper6